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Corporate training & workshops for organizations looking to improve operational excellence, enhance innovation, and increase profitability.
To make or break your business.

(More power than one can possibly imagine)

What kind of workforce does your organization have?

Confident, Self-driven & Committed Leaders?


Unmotivated, Uninspired & Unproductive 9 to 5’ers?

If it’s the latter…

More confidence. More efficiency. More growth.

What are these training
sessions & workshops for?

These intensive training sessions & workshops are designed to dramatically increase your team’s ability to be more productive, innovative & confident – leading your organization to new pinnacle of success. These training and workshops can either be for the top management (C-Level Executives & Directors), middle management (Managers and Team Leaders), or the entire organizational staff.

These training sessions will help:

  • Train your employees to be self-driven leaders and put their best selves forward so your organization can get an unfair advantage over your competition
  • Create awareness around what exactly they need to succeed and how they can support others to move forward as a cohesive unit
  • Tap into your staff’s personal potential so they can be a disruptive force ready to bring about radical change and yield extraordinary results for your organization
  • Decode and terminate the stories, perceptions, and blocks that stop your team members from giving work their best
  • Enhance innovation and revitalize creativity so each one of your team members can come up with out-of-the-box ideas and original solutions
  • Increase their ability to focus and turn the feelings of overwhelm into a driving force to get projects done and stay on top of their game
  • Develop unshakable confidence in your team so they can network, present, communicate, and lead with ease & grace
How long do these training sessions run?

The duration of these sessions entirely depends on your organization’s needs. We can arrange a 1-day intensive session that generally lasts 3-4 hours. Or, it can be a 2-3-day workshop – covering multiple topics with a deep dive into the issues and a plan of action to uproot them.

Some organizations prefer to have me host a workshop every month which ensures that the staff does not fall behind and stay consistently motivated to achieve the best results.

The duration of these sessions is finalized once the application form is received from your organization and we start discussing the goals and expectations.

Each training session includes:
  • Expert coaching from Dr. Nancy Haines, encompassing her culminating experience of working for other firms, running a successful Human Resources company from LA to Dubai, and relevant life experiences.
  • Interactive, structured and action-oriented day that will help create a positive mindset, a confident attitude, and bring out a real change in the performance of the staff. I’ll be sharing tools, resources, and checklists that will help your staff take immediate action for faster results.
  • Group activities within the session to make learning fun & engaging – without any fear or boredom. Change may seem difficult, but if you show the way, the right way, then people are more than happy to follow.
Investment & Application Process:

Since these corporate training sessions and workshops are customized to the individual needs of each organization as there’s no one-size-fits-all, I am very particular about the organizations I choose to work with.

The process is as follows:

  1. Interested organizations may fill in the application form here.

  2. I’ll reach out with a proposal on how I can best serve your organization based on your goals and expectations, and schedule a call to discuss the particulars.

  3. After the proposal has been accepted and a deposit has been paid, we’ll have a formal meeting to go over the plan and host the workshop/training session.
Are you aware of the cost of NOT dealing with your workforce issues?

Many organizations see employee training as an expense and not as an investment – leading to:

  • Lack of interest in their employees
  • Lack of unity amongst team members
  • Lack of innovation & disruption in ideas
  • Lack of focus and agility to get things done
  • Lack of motivation and commitment to work
  • And above all, lack of confidence to lead & succeed

Resulting in:

  • Less productivity
  • Poor performance
  • And, Slower growth
“If you believe that training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs. Companies that have the loyalty of their employees invest heavily in permanent training programs and promotion systems.”
– Michael Leboeuf
So, what do you want for your organization?
About Your Host

Dr. Nancy Haines is the founder of The Center of Confidence and a provider of coaching and leadership development training in the Middle East since 2017. She has over 12 years of experience in HR Management and holds an Honorary Doctorate from CICA- International University & Seminary.

She offers consulting services and solutions to assist with the professional and personal development of individuals and teams. These solutions include coaching and workshops on topics such as conscious leadership, communication & presentation skills, mindset mastery, conflict management, teamwork, stress management, and confidence building.

Through her uniquely interactive approach and contagious energy, she is able to unlock the true potential, remove ages of old limiting beliefs, and instill new levels of confidence in her audience.

Dr. Haines’ clients belong to several industries including (but not limited to) construction, travel, tourism, finance, and luxury & high-end retail. Furthermore, she has a network of colleagues and professionals across the world.

These training sessions & workshops cover:
  • Practical Mindset Mastery
  • Innovating Goal Setting Techniques
  • Conscious Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Effective Time Management
  • Strategies for Lasting Motivation
  • Identifying and Dealing with Sabotaging Behavior
  • Taking Responsibility

Confidence in your team leads to disruption.

Allowing your organization to break the status quo,
make waves instead of ripples and embrace innovation.


 feel motivated & ready in every situation.

 perform at their best despite the challenges.

 have unwavering faith in themselves and their abilities.

 shift their self-sabotaging behavior into a more positive one.

treat themselves with compassion and their fellow team members with utmost respect.

 step into their leadership role and take responsibility for sustainable growth and upward projection.

Are you ready to catapult your team to the next level of success?