Taking Steps Into My Dreams

I never truly understood the whole “Law of Attraction” concept and what it was all about. About 10 years ago, I had seen The Secret, but apparently I wasn’t ready to be a millionaire since nothing seemed to be working out!

I made a vision board, I was trying to watch my thoughts, I had a positive outlook in life…or so I thought.

It wasn’t until about 7 years ago that I had my “ah-ha” moment with the whole manifesting ordeal!

What I didn’t realize was that until you let go of the fear(s) behind the goal/dream…the manifesting will most likely not happen.  How come they never say that during all these “Law of Attraction” resources?

Sitting in the “Wealthy Visionary” conference, I heard Marcia Weider speak some powerful words that really hit my gut!

She said, “Are you more committed to your fears or are you more committed to your dreams?” As you move closer to your dreams, if you haven’t dealt with your fears and doubts, you will be taking with you a baggage of crap into your dreams!

Who in the world wants that!

The first thing that came to mind was, NO WONDER MY DREAMS HAVEN’T COME TRUE! You all probably think I’m crazy, but there is some truth to that. If you don’t know it, there are signs all around you.

What you put your energy into, good or bad, will show up in your life. It’s like when you want to buy a new car. The exact model and color all of a sudden appear everywhere you go! When you hate a song on the radio and every time you get in your car, it comes on! When you think about someone you want to get over, everything that reminds you of them pops up.

Would you say you should be careful where your thoughts are? I would have to say that’s a YES!

When I was thinking of the dreams I had, instead of being excited about it, I wanted to shut my brain off! I didn’t know why? Well, it was the fear that I could possibly fail that brought me into panic mode. The fear of, “Am I even good enough?” would immediately stop me from even thinking of the dream again.

I was putting more energy into the fear than my dream!!!

That is why I wasn’t doing anything to take action on any of my dreams!!!  Knowing what my fears were was in itself an action I was taking to be more committed to my dreams.

I did not want to allow those fears to stop me.

Little did I know that once I took THAT step, it would create the beginning of many more steps leading closer and closer to what I truly wanted; my heart’s true desires. 

I no longer cringe at the thought of my dreams, I am actually excited to think about them. I am taking things one day at a time. I know it my heart, sooner or later, they will all come to fruition! I’m still taking steps, but I’m not letting fear stop me! The commitment level I have for myself is unstoppable!

Like our Millionaire mind speaker said, “How you do anything, is how you do everything!”  


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