3 Ways You Can Experience Confidence in Times of Uncertainty


Here I am, thousands and thousands of miles away from home (8,333 miles to be exact) during this Coronavirus pandemic.  I would say that I might be taking the news with more comfort if I was home because there is comfort in knowing you have an entire network of family and friends to lean on and support each other.

Let me paint the picture of my family so you can understand where I’m coming from.

First of all, I’m Mexican American. We have a huge family in the Los Angeles area. In times like this, everyone is ready to help where needed. That’s what I love about them.

I’m sure everyone has divided tasks and everyone is ready to act if needed. There is comfort in knowing everyone is ready to do what it takes to get through crisis.

Spiritually, you are taken care of too. My mom creating a prayer link for every hour and everyone in the family and the community joining in. No person left behind attitude!

Being away from home, this is a different kind of uncertainty.

Where is home you ask? The City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. (Picture below taken in Beverly Hills, CA)

As the world is slowly coming to a pause, I am sitting in my living room in my apartment in Dubai.

Pausing, thinking, reflecting on life. This pause that we are forced to experience is making some panic and others take a step back to, logically, make some life changes.

The emotional roller coaster many have been on these last few weeks is quite the ride. One moment you are calmly taking the news of more changes and the next, anxiousness sneaking right in to disturb the peace; the peace that is so badly needed.

Honestly speaking, this time of vulnerability is raw and real.

I would be lying to you if I told you that I haven’t shed a few tears knowing I’m far away from home. It is a feeling that I have never experienced before. I’m sure many of you know of someone or you yourself are the person who is away from home going through this experience.

It is OK to be feeling all sorts of emotions. You don’t have to be the strong one 24/7. Allow yourself to experience the emotions. The only thing I will say is don’t sulk in the negative ones.

These words may bring you some comfort knowing you are not alone. For others, you might be able to understand those around you who are experiencing the uncertainty and need a little support with it.

To help you get through this, I’m sharing a few tips that are working for me. Ladies and gentleman, I’m a Confidence Coach. I’m here to serve in any way I can.

1. Pause and Breathe

If you find yourself getting anxious or feeling uneasy, stop what you are doing and just pause for 1 minute. Depending on the severity of your anxiousness, you may need to do longer.

To stop your brain from going into a never-ending spiral of panic, take slow deep breathes. Inhale and exhale slowly. When you feel like you have calmed down, proceed to tip 2. Do not make decisions when you are in a state of panic.

2. Plan

Get yourself a pen and paper and create a plan. What is the worst-case scenario? What is the best-case scenario? This will alleviate unwanted stress and allow you to take action on things ahead of time instead of when it is too late.

As you list them out, create a solution plan for each scenario.

Let give you an example:

Worst-case scenario: I run out of food and stores are shutdown.

What can I do?: I will message my neighbors, family, and friends now to see who I can have as a backup to reach out to for help. I can also post on fb and see who in my network has extra food or who can share.

3. Prepare

This is mentally and physically. Do you need to buy some workout bands due to gyms being closed? Maybe a yoga mat? Do you have some books or online courses ready for the downtime?

Search for comedy shows that you can watch to make you laugh.  Like the Help Guide article suggests;

“Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.”

Meditation and journaling work wonders to help you mentally. Do not underestimate the simplicity of this. Letting your feelings out and not keeping them in helps with keeping your mind clear and not draining it with worry.

A good thing to keep in mind is that you are not alone. Across the world, near and far, people are dealing with this. When you plan and prepare as much as you can, you do feel a sense of confidence that no matter what, you will get through this.

As I’m doing now, my action plan included writing my blogs again. Either I choose to worry or I choose to go into solution mode.

I’m choosing every morning to do one thing that will help me mentally and physically. One day at a time.

Share your takeaway and tag me @the_confidence_catalyst on IG. Share positivity and encouragement folks!

Stay connected.

Stay calm.

Stay confident.


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  1. BE-YOU-tifully written my queen! Great tips and advice! Much love to you and stay safe! Gorgeous photo!

    1. Thank You for your kind words!

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