About Me

Hi! I’m Nancy

Confidence Coach. Corporate Trainer. Author.

Helping committed professionals turn up the volume on their dreams and lead with confidence.

Hi! I’m Nancy
Hi! I’m Nancy

As a small-town girl with nothing more than the passion for people and a deep-rooted belief that I was made for something special, I’ve had the pleasure of working in many different industries (including fashion!), and starting & running my own Human Resource Consulting business for 7 years in LA and now running The Center of Confidence in Dubai.

Today, I empower career professionals to step up and stop being afraid so they can become the person they so badly desire to be. My exclusive private coaching, high-support group coaching programs, and corporate workshops are for the ones who truly value confidence and understand that it’s a game-changer.

Because not communicating your ideas, second-guessing your every move, and feeling like you’re not good enough won’t do any good for your organization, neither will this mindset do much for your professional growth.

You know what will?


Knowing your worth, having unwavering confidence in your abilities, and stepping into your role as a leader.


Looking back, I was that girl in the shadows for a very long time.

The girl who knows it but is too scared to pitch her ideas…
The girl who desires to have more but is too afraid to ask for it…

Being from a small town in Idaho, I was raised to play by the rules, always put others before myself, and never be too loud as a woman.

Everything was fine and dandy until…

my broken marriage and the death of my youngest sister left me face-to-face with the shocking reality of life.

Who was I…?
What was my purpose…?
Where was I meant to go…?

These questions kept ringing in my ears and got louder with every passing day. In the process, my dreams got bigger and bolder and inspired me to explore MORE in life.

I decided to trade my small-town life for the big city.


I had spent years planning and working to escape the limitations of rural Idaho.

Got the best education, spent countless hours networking
as if my life depended on it, and pretty much did it all…

So, what went wrong?

Where did I miss the mark?

After a long game of blaming myself, fighting with my emotions, and keeping my true self hidden, I FINALLY figured out the problem.

And the problem, not so surprisingly, wasn’t ME.

Throughout my life, I had EVERYTHING except one thing, confidence; confidence to embrace myself as who I was, confidence to communicate my thoughts & ideas, confidence to reach for things that I truly desired.

It was then that I allowed myself to be unapologetically me…

-> Entering bikini competitions.
-> Applying for jobs that seemed way beyond my qualifications.
-> And dating accomplished men.

This journey led me to manage luxury, high-end retail brands with 700+ employees across the United States, not to mention being the CEO of my own human resource company for six years.

This journey led me to manage luxury, high-end retail brands with 700+ employees across the United States, not to mention being the CEO of my own human resource company for six years.

But still…
somewhere deep inside,
a voice kept nagging me.

I wondered when it would end…

How much more money would I need to earn to silence it?
How many clients would I need to get to make it go away?
How many countries would I need to live in to lose it?

But it never did, until…

In a moment of perfect serendipity, while I was in the process of detoxing my body, mind, and spirit, my good friend and spiritual mentor asked me to accompany her on a trip to France. At the time, I had no idea all of the extreme impact this journey would have on the rest of my life.

I quickly realized, upon my arrival at Mount Saint Michael, that I was in the presence of 7 powerful healers from around the globe.

It was there where my soul unfolded and I came to be at peace about who I was (my strengths and weaknesses) and got clear on my bigger purpose in life. I realized how one KEY piece, CONFIDENCE, transformed my life…

…as a woman
…as a career professional
…and as a human being

And how there are hundreds and thousands of professionals who are where I once was, feeling stuck, uninspired, and undervalued in their careers, and needed someone to guide them, support them and equip them with the right techniques to become the women of substance they so badly want to be.

Today, as a Confidence Coach, Author & Trainer, I help committed career professionals slay their fears, dare to dream big, and amp up their confidence so they never have to settle for less EVER again.

Because I believe that just like a classic, perfect black dress, an investment in developing your confidence & activating your courage lasts a lifetime.


Girl! You’re not doomed to be that person
in the office who never gets a promotion.



I believe you’re capable of…

…transforming your mindset, rejuvenating your soul and owning your abilities to be unapologetically confident in what you do and what you say (no matter how shy or inadequate you feel right now).

…not freaking out at the first wind of trouble and maintaining a calm demeanor in the midst of turbulence like all exceptional leaders do (you have it in you to face all sorts of challenges head-on).

…stopping stress from taking over, keeping you isolated and too busy to put yourself out there, and start letting your feelings matter and peace permeate your world (the world needs you; will you step up?).

…creating a NEW reality for yourself despite the odds and take your life & career to a whole new direction (Just like I did! I’m currently living my dream life in Dubai, a destination I had once put on my vision board).

I believe you can have the success you desire
without sacrificing the life you want.

I believe in you.
But what really matters is, do you?




Is to equip women with unshakable confidence to remain true to themselves, dare to dream big, and rise above all sorts of challenges as a leader in their profession.

A woman who is NOT haunted, halted or harassed by the paralyzing voices of self-doubt, self-criticism, and inadequacy.



You can find me in the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall, admiring all the latest fashion trends (and getting my steps in for the day!), enjoying the latest book by the pool and exploring the world with my husband. I am obsessed with anything holistic, nature, self-discovery!

I love going back home to Idaho and LA to be around my family & friends, and genuinely be present to enjoy the company of those around me. Going back reminds me of where I started from and how far I have come. It also gives me the opportunity to laugh and be silly with the people I love.

Gotta let my inner child out!

Ready to drop the baggage and take the first step towards a

Bigger, Bolder and Braver you?